Now that you know a little bit about us, here’s a little bit about what we do. We strive to deliver an experience that’s different from any other custom PC builder. We offer some pre-configured systems, if you just want to pick a system and go. But we also give you the ability to start from scratch. You can either do it yourself, or have a one-on-one consultation with one of our professional system builders to narrow down exactly what you want and need. After that, our technician hand selects the parts for your custom system. We present the part list to you and make any adjustments you want.

Once we get your seal of approval, your system gets handled by the same technician that picked your parts. The technician assembles and performs preliminary tests on your system, and right before it gets sent out to Testing, a fresh set of eyes inspects it and ensures the quality of the assembly.

In Testing your system is updated, all the software you requested is installed, and we ensure it is working properly. Your computer itself also undergoes extensive testing to ensure the reliability of your system. If any part of your system fails or is unstable we replace the part and begin the testing process from the beginning. When we are satisfied with the quality of your system we package it and send it to you.

We never rush, and we would never want to send a faulty system to our customers. That’s why we will attempt to complete your build in the time frame we specify at the time of purchase, but if we need more time to ensure the stability of your system, we will not rush and risk sending you an unreliable product. This is due to the fact that we strive to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, because our quality is our representation.